Tuesday, May 09, 2006

SPC {Introduction-2}

a tag from Sarah

Do's and Don'ts

i do love accessories--earrings, necklaces, hats, etc
i don't often accessorize, i don't make the time and i forget

i do adore poetry
i don't 'get' a lot of poems

i do write everyday
i don't consider myself a writer

i do love independent films and foreign films
i don't like cheesy comedies or manipulative dramas

i do love me some eatin'
i don't cook anything that can't be microwaved

i do enjoy grocery shopping
i don't like putting the groceries away and discovering a just spent a ton of money on nothing

i do make lots of lists
i don't always complete the tasks on the lists

i do want to have a slim, lean body
i don't want to have to exercise to get it

i do like animals
i don't have any pets

i do appreciate nature
i don't always enjoy being outside

i do love, love, love Jake Gyllenhaal
i don't like Donnie Darko--that creepy rabbit gives me nightmares, even this website kind of creeps me out

i do consider myself to be a spiritual person
i don't consider myself to be religious

i do love my boy
i don't always like how worn out and on the edge i feel

i do love affection
i don't get near enough

i do have so many needs that go unmet
i don't know how to ask for what i need

i do believe in god
i don't always know exactly what that means

i do believe i have a soul
i don't always know what that means either

i do ask a lot of questions
i don't always find the answers

i do believe people see me
i don't always think the people i love the most see me

i do want to fall in love with myself
i don't know how to get there

i do desire to be a 'whole' person
i don't do a very good job at keeping myself from being so fragmented and divided

i do at times struggle to show up
i don't want to waste anymore time not being authentic and real

i do have a lot of fears
i don't want to live from those fears

i do struggle to believe i have worth and value
i don't want to stay small any longer

i do want to live in truth and honesty
i don't always know how to address issues with other people

i do long to reach out to others
i don't do a very good job of coming out of my introverted shell

i do believe in practicing self care
i don't always practice what i preach

i do appreciate the journey
i don't often remember it's the journey and not the destination that's important


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