Saturday, May 13, 2006

MamaSaysOm - Juicy

Dear Britt,

Here are some juicy words for you from the scrumptious SARK...

Living Juicy is: Jumping for Joy on the inside! In the midst of our daily lives, we must find the Juice to nourish our creative souls. If we rush around, never look closely, or practice self denial, we will begin to feel dry and cracked, for the lack of sweet, wild moments that elevate us, and those around us. The name for this is Living Juicy...ride into your Life on a creative cycle full of Juice, Abundance, and ecstatic wonderment.
from Living Juicy

How to be really Alive!Live Juicy*stamp out conformity*stay in bed all day*dream of gypsy wagons*find snails making love*develop an astounding appetite for books*drink sunsets*draw out your feelings*amaze yourself*be ridiculous*stop worrying*now*if not now, then when?*make yes your favorite word*marry yourself*dry your clothes in the sun*eat mangoes naked*keep toys in the bathtub*spin yourself dizzy*hang upside down*follow a child*celebrate an old person*send a love letter to your self*be advanced*try endearing*invent new ways to love*transform negatives*delight someone*wear pajamas to a drive in movie*allow yourself to feel rich without money*be who you truly are and the money will follow*believe in everything*you are always on your way to a miracle*THE MIRACLE IS YOU
from A Creative Companion

you are my miracle,


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