Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Sweet Meeting

Yesterday Britton met his new cousin Canyon for the first time. He wasn't with me any of the times I went to visit the gang in the hospital so he had never gotten to see him in person, only the photos I'd taken. It was such a sweet meeting. First he peeked into the stroller with bright eyes, a sweet smile and gentle curiosity. And of course he insisted on holding "Clay's baby." So I held him in my lap as he held Canyon in his. I was so impressed with his caretaking. He held Canyon so closely and gently, giving him such tender attention. He even used his tiny hand to shield Canyon's face from the sun

and wind. Such a proud cousin. Such a loving gentle spirit. Such a tender heart. It filled me with so much pride to see him caring for his new cousin with such responsibilty. And of course I told him over and over again what a wonderful, remarkable job he was doing. It was truly a sweet, sweet moment that I'll never forget.


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