Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt - marvelous error!-
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.
from Last Night As I Was Sleeping by Antonio Machado
Today I'm grateful for the bees' busy buzzy work in my life -
minding my mistakes, forgiving my failures -
for the sweetness that comes both because of and in spite of my choices,
knowing that nothing is too far gone
and anything can be salvaged.
I'm grateful for the honey dripping from my tongue,
for the regrets finding their good and proper purpose,
for the chance, each moment, to choose and choose again,
for those lovelies in my life who fill in my gaps,
for a grace that weaves its wonders
with my buckets of tears,
with my tossing through the sleepless and achy nights,
with my wealth of shoulds and shouldn'ts.


Blogger snowsparkle said...

this piece is lovely... sort of dreamy and soft... i love this one.

and thanks for encouraging me to write more... i posted some things tonight for you even though they felt a little rough around the edges... it's me anyway

8:40 PM  
Blogger Marit Cooper said...

Yes, this young lady has a vision of such beauty that often I don't know what to say, only that I want to let her know that I was here and took part in her communion, basking in the light being nourished by her words...

9:20 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

I love this it's so pretty. I love when you write "for the lovelies in my life who fill in my gaps". really the whole thing is so beautiful.

5:01 PM  

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