Monday, September 05, 2005

A New Commitment

Ready to come back to myself,
ready to listen,
ready to slow down so that I can hear myself,
ready to breathe,
ready to remember what it's like to dream,
ready to take time daily to nourish myself,
ready to stop running,
ready to stop hiding in the busyness,
ready to feel what I've been ignoring,
ready to face it,
ready to give myself grace,
ready to accept the weight of kindness that surrounds me,
ready to pray,
ready to let go,
ready to trust the divine within,
ready for something more,
ready for the roots of my soul to plunge deeper,
ready to look in the mirror and not grimace,
ready to make this relationship a priority,
ready to renew the commitment to myself,
ready to fall in love with a girl a used to know.


Blogger dpsinger said...

i shall be printing a copy of this list and adopting it as my own... thank you... ~dps

7:24 AM  

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