Friday, August 12, 2005

Table for One

I just came in from the driveway after waving goodbye to my boys. Yes, Trey and Britton have left for the weekend to go "camping hiking" as Britton calls it and I have a full 48 hours to myself. Oh the joy! Although I'm grateful for the time to myself I can't say it's easy to watch them pull away. There is always this little voice inside my head that doubts and distrusts. Can Trey really handle Britton by himself? Will he really watch out for him, especially in the mountains of Ruidoso? Grizzly Man has not helped those fears. If it wasn't for the fact that Uncle Steve is going and taking his two boys my baby would not be going. In all honesty most of the time I think Trey is a better parent than I am. He's more patient for sure and tends to be more inclusive and commands more authority. It's just my fears that leave me uneasy. And there is no way I could not let Britton go. He loves it. Ever since his first camping experience he's been dying to go again. For the past few weeks it's been nothing but "Mama, I go camping hiking again. Two weeks." Even a few days ago it was still "two weeks." This morning when I woke him he was back at it "I go camping hiking. Two weeks," but I got to say, "No baby it's today." Of course he was very distraught to realize he had to go to school first and when I picked him up after work he had decided he wasn't going. The promise of pancakes in the morning easily persuaded him to change his mind. So all week I've been pondering how I will spend this 48 hours of paradise. I've made a list of some of the things that have come to mind. I may or may not do some of them or all of them. Basically this weekend is mine and the one rule is I absolutely will not do anything I don't whole heartedly want to do. If I love it and want to it's fair game...

1. Maybe catch a matinee of this or this.
2. Try to finish this up so I can devote more time to this.
3. Get caught up on this.
4. Do a little yoga while listening to this or this.
5. Visit this favorite store just to browse.
6. Go here and use the 15% coupon I received this week.
7. Get a wedding card for my lovely friend Anna who is getting married next weekend.
8. Purchase this cd I've been wanting.
9. Eat some of my favorite foods including a nice thick sandwich with Boar's Head meat, Boar's Head cheese, and a Boar's head pickle on the side.
10. Watch Chocolat while eating a big slice of key lime pie.

There are a few things I absolutely will not do this weekend...
1. Cook
2. Anything that requires that I sweat.
3. Wear pants that do not have an elastic waist band.
4. Wake up early.

I'm heading out now to rent a movie and pick up some chinese food. After that it's pjs and the couch for the rest of the evening.


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