Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Letter on Your First Day of School

Dear Kalysta,
Today you start school. I can't believe how quickly you've grown up. I can remember the day you were born. Yaya, Nana, and I were all in the room with your mom. There were some problems with the cord being around your neck so as soon as the doctor had you in her arms she put you in a clear-sided bassinet under a heating lamp. You didn't even get to see your mom since you were immediately whisked away to this special bed. I remember feeling so worried about you being by yourself, afraid that you would feel alone, afraid that you would think you'd been abandoned and that you weren't loved. So I went and stood by you and caressed you're soft forehead with my index finger. Of course Yaya yelled at me because I hadn't washed my hands but I was thinking too much about you feeling lonely to think about my hands. I hold so many memories of you in my heart. I remember your pigtails of tight kinky curls. I remember taking pictures of you in Meme and Gaga's kitchen as you struggled with your first steps. I remember your first birthday and the princess hat I made for you that was so pretty nestled in all your soft curls. I remember your first tooth and I remember how brave you were when you pulled your first tooth all by yourself. I remember how you renamed family members - Grandad became Gaga, Lela became Yaya, Brandon became Uncle B - making them your own. You have always had a wild beautiful spirit and I hope as you continue to grow, experience new things, and let life touch you that you will hold on to this very special spirit of yours. So today when you go to school for the first time I hope that you remember that, just like on the day you were born, you are not alone. You have a family that loves you and is holding you in there hearts. If you are still and quiet I bet you can feel all of us stroking your forehead, wishing you well. If you have times today when you feel scared or nervous just remember that it's okay to feel that way. Everybody does. And then remember that no matter what, you are very, very loved. I can't wait to call you this afternoon and find out all about your big day. How exciting to be starting school where you will meet new friends, learn neat things, and grow so much. I am excited for you and a little bit teary when I think about how grown up you are. And so beautiful too. I love your wild beautiful life. I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you very much.

Michelle and Britt (he's sitting right here in my lap)...

I met a lady in the meads,
full beautiful -
a faery's child
her hair was long,
her foot was light,
and her eyes were wild
John Keats


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story for Kalysta and how special it should make her feel. I hope that someone reads this story to her. I just love going to your blogs everyday and can't wait to see what you have written that day. Keep up the beautiful work because it lifts me up everyday. I Love You, Mom

6:06 PM  

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