Monday, August 08, 2005

I am now the proud owner of a...and what exactly is this again?

The Saturday before this past weekend Trey excitedly called to inform me that he had purchased us a surprise. He wouldn't give out any details over the phone and told me I would just have to wait and see. I was outside cleaning out my car before heading to pick up my wonderful friend Cherri for a movie date when I heard a noisy rattle coming from down the street. I looked up to see Trey, all giggle and grins, attempting to manuever this hunk of rusted metal into our driveway. All I could do was stand there paralyzed and open mouthed. After getting it parked he hopped out of his Explorer, "Look what I got us!!!" "What exactly is that?" "It's one of those smokers on a trailer. You know, you've seen them at the tailgates." "Yeah, but the one's I've seen at the tailgates didn't look like that." So now we have this contaption sitting right in the middle of our front yard for everybody and their dog to get a look at. And Trey, well he's so proud of the thing. He can't believe that it will actually hold 12 briskets. It's too much for him to bear. I asked him when exactly he thought we would have 12 briskets and if he was planning on handing them out as Christmas gifts. So, if you get a nice hunk of beef in your stocking don't say I didn't warn you. I predict that in the next couple of months one of two things will have happened...

1. Trey will have totally lost interest in this project and that lovely rusted I'm-not-really-sure-this-thing-qualifies-as-a-smoker will still be sitting in our driveway until we are finally forced to do something with it.


2. We will have the most awsome smoker in all of West Texas and be the envy of all our friends and neighbors. If this is the case feel free to bring over your ribs, chicken, briskets, what have you. We'll only charge a small handling fee.

Phase one of Trey's three phase reconstruction project was supposed to begin tonight but it has been delayed (am I sensing the beginnings of prediction #1 happening right before my very own eyes?) to be rescheduled for some time in the future. Hmmm....Just look at what you can find at a garage sale and all for the fabulous prices of $175. I'll keep you posted...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I'm expecting to get some really good meals from this, I better get an invitation to eat. Next time you decide to start it up let me know and I'll bring something for you to smoke. Can't wait. Tricia

7:00 PM  

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